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Frequently asked questions

Why is it best to Buy Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft CRM is a world's leading technology for customer relationship management. In fact, it is a sophisticated application and development environment that enables application designers to establish in a very short time an information system that includes all business entities and business processes for managing the customer.

Who is the system intended for?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM system is designed for medium and large companies and organizations from all sectors and industries that maintain a set of customer service and / or sales and marketing system

what are Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technologies advantages?

• The system provides tracking and transaction tracking for a large mass of clients and provides automated controls for a wide range of business processes. • The system enables the building of supplementary systems for organizations such as procurement and budget systems, HR systems and more. • Optional Implementation of interfaces to the Company's site and the Company's existing operating systems (ERP / ERP etc.). • The system includes a cloud version (ONLINE version) for medium enterprises and an ON PREMISE version for large organizations that maintain computer infrastructures, including Microsoft servers. • The system is suitable for use in an office PC environment and in a remote area / environment using smartphones and tablets.

Why Orian Technologies?

-Maintaining the quality of the systems:
Easy to use, functionality, reliability, flexibility, mobility, information integration.
-Maintaining the quality of the information:
Accuracy, availability, completeness, relevance, and consistency. -Efficiency and effectiveness of system users: Carrying out work tasks and broadening efficiency of work processes in the organization. -Tools for managers: Dashboards Automatic displays and alerts for quick and accurate decision making. -Satisfaction: Users in the long run. -Orian Technologies operates a professional team that includes:
Project manager, systems analyst, implementers, developers and system administrators with rich experience in dozens of successful projects.

What is the process of the building system?

The process of building the system consists of several dependent stages: A. Characterization of business needs of the company / organization:
A number of characterization sessions at the end of the summary of meetings and a detailed document of the requirements of the evaluations.
During the meetings, a POC is already performed to present the ideas from the meeting in the CRM system
This means that you will be presented with a sample of the system screens and displays as the customer will receive them.
Duration: 2-4 working weeks B. Application and development of the system according to the characterization:
Adapting the views, updating forms, graphical reports, logic and automatic update and control processes tailored to the specific needs of the customer and the nature of his work. As stated, the system is CUSTOM MADE and is adapted to the unique needs of each organization. Internal testing round.
Duration: 4-8 working weeks C. Checking the system with the client:
At the end of the stage, the system is presented to the customer for approval, if necessary, all necessary improvements and changes are made in the development environment.
Duration: one week D. Installation of the system and setup:
The system is installed in the client's production environment (depending on the work configuration: on client servers or in the cloud)
Duration: 2-3 working days E. Implementation of the system in the company:
Conversion of existing data, implementation of system settings - users, permissions, organizational structure, testing in the production environment, training and guidance to start working with the system.
Duration: one week

What is the cost of the system?

The Price of a CRM project includes the design, characterization, implementation, development, installation and implementation of the system. The price varies from customer to customer and project to project according to the number of hours required to execute the project and according to the content specification including the components of the system. A free consultation meeting can be arranged for a detailed price quote at 073-7585826.