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Orian Technologies provides a wide range of Custom Made CRM solutions based on the world's most advanced customer relationship management platform - Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Orian Technologies brings more than 15 years of experience leading 100 Dynamics CRM projects development and implementation.

The company provides services to a variety of sectors, government organizations, municipalities, commercial companies, real estate companies, advertising, and services

Eliran Galon CEO

  • Microsoft Certified Business Consultant, Development of a wide range of businesses solutions.

  • 25 years of experience in Information Technology consulting, project management, system analysis, team management, application development and CRM implementation.

  • CRM / ERP project management in the leading Israel IT organizations: Matrix, ONE1, NESS, Elad Systems, Aman.

  • Providing services to a wide range of organizations, goverment, banks, municipalities  and companies.

Success stories

Courts Administration

Planning and building of Dynamic CRM system:
service centers, purchasing and budget , HR, Welfare and Social Services.


• Building architecture and characterizing systems and
designing solutions.

• Management of application development and assimilation in systems organization.

• Tailoring system adapted for functionaries.

• Emphasis on system implementation: Easy to use, functionality, reliability, flexibility, mobility, integration.

Aviv in the City Real Estate

Aviv Real Estate Company for construction and new projects (TAMA 38 1-2)

  • Planning and building a Dynamics CRM system for managing real estate companies.

  • Managing asset sales, managing construction projects, tracking customer inquiries, subcontractors, asset management, marketing management and service management in the company.

  • sharing with clients the entire solution process, the system is also made for authorized personnel.

  • Emphasis on system use: Easy to use, functionality, reliability, flexibility, mobility, integration.

  • Project management and sales in Israel and abroad in Hebrew / English.

  • Application and assimilation the system is adapted for smartphones to control in the field.

Shamir Systems - InforU

Design, development and Application of a comprehensive CRM system fitted for Shamir InforU.

  • Tracking  interesting customers (leads) and active customers.
  • Documentation of sales opportunities.
  • Track service inquiries, record incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Automatically generate billing instructions for transactions.
  • Reports and graphs for managers (Dashboards).
  • System connectivity to the operational system and the accounting system.
  • website Interface.
  • Credit card clearing interface.
  • Interface to the IVR  systems.


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