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Campaign management system

Orian Technologies brings the next level of advertising and marketing management to organizations and companies


In Dynamics CRM 365 environment, the system provides:


  • Advertising and marketing in a wide range of channels through the system, segmenting target audiences, sectors and customer clubs. Filtering potential customers and producing automated campaigns for segmented customers - SMSNewsletters campaign / phone campaign and more.

  • Customer relationship management - documentation of communication with interested customers / active customers / contractors and suppliers / contacts with organizations and companies also with employees, you are able to Track phone calls / appointments / emails / sms / current tasks.

  • marketing management of sales activities - by project / campaign /activities / customer type.

  • Marketing and sales management - tracking interested calls and customers in the purchasing process.

  • Management of contractor activities, suppliers and professionals according to projects / campaign.

  • Marketing channels effectiveness measuring  - Analysing investment performance in various marketing channels.

  • Customer retention - documenting and tracking customer retention conversations, Opening up business opportunities and products.

  • Dashboard - Graphs and managers reports with capabilities to investigate information for effective decisions to better you're company.

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