The world's most advanced budget management 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM system

Orian Technologies brings the next generation of budget and procurement management, end to end systems, based on Dynamics CRM 365 . 


System Specifications:
Budget Management

  • Annual Budget work plan

  • Budget Purchase Requirements 

  • Budget item's balances

  • Manage budget balances

  • Budget utilization control versus approved budget

  • Budget Additions / Budget Deviations

Procurement Process Management

  • Manage purchase request

  • Requirements Approval and Escalation Processes

  • Management of tenders and committees

  • Budget control

  • Communication control with a supplier.

  • Supplier Agreement Management

  • Management of supplier tender agreements

  • Manage single vendor agreements

  • Option Management / Continue / Increase Connections

  • Management of balances and periods of engagement in agreements.

Budget and Procurement solution specifications:

  • System Adaptation to specific budget and procurement needs - customizations of system forms, views, reports and business service process with automatic updates, tasks, emails, sms etc.

  • Omnichannel - Providing a unified response to customer requests from a variety of online channels - Service requests via the website, chat, Facebook, Whatsapp and offline channels - emails, phone calls, faxes, meetings, Using the latest technology from Microsoft.

  • 365 customer image - The CRM provides full business information about customers and history of budget and purchase requests, phone calls, meetings, e-mails, sms, newsletters and client-facing tasks.

  • Smart SLA - Enabe business operating efficiency, time saving and costs reduction - defining SLA (Service Level Agreement) for budget and purchase requests, get notifications and alarms of delays in processing purchase and budget requirements.

  • Automated processes using the workflow mechanism enable the transfer emails and sms's with information how to handle the request, escalation, automatic status updates and automatic alerts via SMS and email.

  • Supporting front-line employees - Providing a complete customer profile and all information needed for a rapid handling service requests, creating customer retention for the long run.

  • Knowledge base - Information and knowledge sharing among the employees enable multi-functionality event treatment. 

  • Dashboards for managers to investigate information and make effective decisions - a graphical display to investigate the source of events / malfunctions, display delays by event type / location / urgency etc, employee performance research and more.

Advanced ced technology support:

  • Office applications built-in support: Excell, Word, Outlook etc

  • Advanced cloud technology support

  • Optional - Remote support using tablets / smartphones and office PC's browsers

  • Optional - budget/purchasing requests interface through the company website / portal

  • Optional - IVR connector to call centers operators

Success Story

Microsoft's Budget and Purchasing Management System (XRM) currently serves approximately 50 departments and 150 users in Israel Courts Administration managing budget requirements and purchasing requirements and provides a flexible and efficient solution adapted to the conduct of referents and users in the Budget Division and the Purchasing Division.

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